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Hello, We Are The Stone Family

We are Spike, Liz, Pepper, and Violet-Parsley. Two grown-ups (sort of) and two kids (definitely) We decided we weren't quite ready to settle down in a traditional house so we got a bus and began converting it to a house for our family. So far its been exciting, fun, and difficult.

Stay tuned to see our progress and adventures!

Spike Stone

Chief Bus Officer

Master of all things. Marine biologist, artist and master bus builder. 

Elizabeth Stone
Violet Stone
Pepper Stone


Resident Pepper

Ambassador of Buzz 

Mompreneur who does a little of everything and is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs. She loves everything fitness and health and might be a little health crazy.

Enjoys anything and everything princess, is really good at drawing, loves to write and is a little horse crazy.

Fiercely curious, ferociously cute and has never said no to food.

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