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Pepper's First Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Pepper's first birthday! I can't believe how fast one year went by! It was so much fun planning, crafting, creating, and brainstorming, but man am I wiped now!

If you haven't realized by now from all our monster post over the last 2 months, Pepper's party was monster themed! She is our little monster after all!

I went a little nuts on the party favors and I know it. I started working on all the details way back in December, when I decided on the theme and made the invites! I of course wanted to make EVERYONE customized Pepper's Closet shirts! Although my husband was reluctant at first, he came around to the idea and put up with my shenanigans. He drew many versions of monster for me and I maybe drove him a little crazy but we finally decided on a monster for the shirts. I couldn't stop with just the shirts though! I decided it would be amazing if we printed customized fabric to make matching headbands, booties, bandanas and bow ties. Although I love sewing I knew I would never be able to finish it all and keep my job before Pepper's party ;), so we partnered with Berry Bug Shop. They did a fabulous job and everything came out great! I spent so much time on the party favors I hardly got to the decorations and the food.

For decorations I got a ton of googly eyes and went crazy gluing them on everything! I put them on tooth picks for the food, on the balloons etc. I also made a bunch of monster from scrap book paper and made a Happy Birthday sign! I had left over giant googly eyes so the night before we made a giant (kid size) monster out of cardboard for the kids to take photos with (although I don't think anyone took a photo with it).

I knew I would be crunched for time right before the party so I did not even attempt to bake her a cake. Pepper lucked out and got two cakes from some local businesses instead! One smash cake that Piggy Toes Photography ordered for her one year photo shoot from Sweet Stuff Bake Shop! The second monster cake and cupcakes was equally amazing made by Kelly Kupcake.

Entertainment: Pepper LOVES music, so we had to get Rock-A-Baby to come play for her party! The kids had a great time dancing and singing. The band also gave the party some structure so no one was left wondering what to do. As always, Rock-a-baby was a big hit and everyone got some energy out.

It was a WONDERFUL day celebrating Pepper's First Birthday! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family to celebrate with! Pepper had so much fun and was so exhausted after the party she slept 14 hours!!

If you would like to order a monster shirt and matching headband, bow tie, booties and or handkerchief please message us!

Custom illustration for shirts and invitations are also available.

More from Pepper's one year photo shoot! Thanks Piggy toes Photography!

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